Collection: Potentiometers

One of the most important electrical components in any guitar or bass!

Here we have our favourite selection of high-quality potentiometers, many made by the legendary manufacturer CTS. The potentiometer is the component that sits in your guitar, with a control knob attached to it. These are mounted either on the pickguard of the instrument, or through the top.

These will most commonly control the volume or tone of your instrument. Sometimes they can also be used as a blend between pickups, and there are other uses too.

They come in a variety of sizes for different guitars, as well as Ohm-ages depending on the tone you want, or the pickups you are using. The most common ohm values are 250k (typically for instruments with single-coil pickups like Fenders) and 500k (typically for instruments with humbucking pickups like Gibsons).

The switching function of 'Push-Pull' pots can be used to split humbucking pickups, put pickups in and out of phase, or as kill switches!

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