Setup & Service

Whether it be your electric or acoustic guitar, bass or even a ukulele, our setup and service will get your instrument playing exactly how you want it. Even better than it was straight out of the factory!

You will be amazed at what a difference a quality setup and service can do to your instrument.

We have had people wanting to buy a new guitar, and instead, have fallen back in love with their old instrument after our setups!

 We check and adjust:

  • String height (action)
  • Intonation 
  • Neck relief 
  • Hardware (tuning machines etc...)

As well as:

  • Clean and polish body and neck
  • Oil and hydrate rosewood and ebony fingerboards
  • Buff frets and conduct spot levelling if required to fix any high spots
  • Cut nut to correct height
  • Ensure electronics are clean and working correctly

Setup & Service Pricing

Electric Guitar: $110 + strings
Acoustic Guitar: $110 + strings
Bass Guitar: $110 + strings
12 String Guitars: $135 + strings
Floyd Rose Guitar: $135 + strings
Other Floating Tremolo Guitars: $135 + strings
Extended Range Guitars: $135 + strings

Get in touch if you have any questions, or to book in your service today:

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