Welcome to Replay Guitars.

Hello everyone!

We are a boutique musical instrument store and repair workshop based in the inner-northern Melbourne suburb of Carlton North. We specialise in servicing, repairs, restoration, modifications, and customisations of both electric and acoustic instruments.

If you're do your own repair and servicing work, we also offer a comprehensive guitar and bass parts catalog, with all you need for your own projects, upgrades and customisations. 

Thanks for dropping by! 

A little about us...

Replay Guitars was founded in 2013 by professional musician, producer and guitar technician Chris Frangou with the goal to provide high-quality, affordable, tailored instrument servicing and repair work to the Melbourne music community. 

As a technician, Chris draws on his vast and diverse knowledge of musical  instruments and musical styles to offer a bespoke service experience that caters for everyone, from professional, world-class musicians to beginners alike. This diverse and extensive experience covers everything from the golden-era of Fender, Gibson, Gretsch & Martin all the way up to modern, extended-range, multi-scale guitars, and other technologically advanced instruments. His attention to detail inspired by Swiss watch-making precision. 

(Photo by Wren Steiner)

Our ethos.

At Replay, community comes first!

Without you, the music community, we wouldn't exist! Our purpose is to provide the best possible service to help people on their musical journey. This means that every bit of advice we give, repair we undertake, instrument we sell, we want it to be the best for you and your musical experience. So at Replay Guitars, you call the shots! We are not here to push our own agenda, it's your journey and we are here to support you. 

We also pride ourselves on inclusivity and being a safe space for all. 

Finally, we believe that being sustainable and eco conscious is the responsibility of every business, read about how we try to be as sustainable as possible here

Brands we offer.

We want to offer you the highest quality musical gear available, so at Replay Guitars we curate our retail selection to ensure you get the best!

We are an authorised dealer of Harmony, Heritage, Rivolta, Jet Guitars, Chapman, VHT, Tanglewood, Sterling by Music Man, MONO cases, Ernie Ball, Rotosound, Elixir, Thomastik Infeld, Klotz, Gotoh, Allparts, and much more. As an authorised dealer, you have the piece of mind knowing you get full manufacturer warranty and the support you need.