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Steel-String Acoustic Bone Bridge Saddle (Compensated)

Steel-String Acoustic Bone Bridge Saddle (Compensated)

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High-quality, bone saddle for steel-string acoustic guitars. Radiused and featuring compensation for proper intonation.


  • 3" (76.2mm) length x 7/64" (2.8mm) width x 11/32" (8.75mm) height.

A Note on Replacement Saddles:

While these bridge saddles are cut to a particular size, spec, and radius, as every guitar is unique and individual, you may find that the bridge saddles require slight adjustments during installation to ensure proper fit and playability of your instrument. If you're not familiar or uncomfortable with doing this yourself, feel free to get in touch about bringing your instrument in to us, or your local guitar technician for replacement and installation. 

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