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Vintage Stranded-Core Cloth Wire - 25ft Bulk

Vintage Stranded-Core Cloth Wire - 25ft Bulk

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Our go-to wire for all our wiring jobs! We love this stuff as it's super easy to work with and looks fantastic. No need to strip back the cloth covering, it just pulls back, easy!

It's 22 gauge and vintage-style cloth wire, unshielded, single a stranded conductor core for ease of use and flexibility, and a waxed braided cotton outer cover.

Comes in a 25 ft pack.

Wiring Tip:

If you're wiring up your guitar, we recommend using white wire for all wires that carry the audio signal (usually illustrated as white in wiring diagrams) and everything that is going to earth/ground as black. It keeps everything clear, plus it looks just like they used to do it! Nice!

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