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1950s Kay Pro Bass Sunburst

1950s Kay Pro Bass Sunburst

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We are please to offer a wonderful 1950s Kay Pro Bass in a beautifully subdued tobacco sunburst finish.

Established in 1931, the Kay Musical Instrument Company were known for producing a wide array of both budget and professional model instruments, whilst also manufacturing for big box retailers of the day such as Sears and Montgomery Ward.

Featuring a large single coil pickup at the neck and a wooden tailpiece, this hollow body bass captures the perfect intersection between the design of the upright bass, and at the time, revolutionary electric bass design of the 1950s. Tortoiseshell adorns both the pickup and controls, bringing together a classy presentation representative of a working instrument of the time.

Of note, the Kay Pro Bass features a deep v-neck profile, similar in shape and feel to that of an upright bass. The bass is currently playing with a medium-high action and sounds fantastic!

Included is the original brown vinyl gig-bag.

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