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1955 Gretsch Duo Jet 6128 Jet Black

1955 Gretsch Duo Jet 6128 Jet Black

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A true icon of rock 'n' roll history!

Originally introduced in 1953, the Gretsch Duo Jet was intended initially to compete with the recently introduced Gibson Les Paul but has since gone on to make it's own unique mark on guitar history!

The Duo Jet featured a semi-solid body construction, utilising chambered mahogany. This results in a lot of examples from this period being quite light, of which this example fits that criteria! Duo Jets from this period also feature DynaSonic pickups, which have their own unique tone. Ranging from a twangy mid-range bite in the bridge, all the way to earthy and warm sounding in the neck, these guitars seriously sound amazing!

Being an instrument from the mid-50s, this example has quite a chunky neck. A nice subtle increase in girth from the first to 12th is present, with a full rounded profile that feels effortless to play. Block inlays are present which is standard for this period of Gretsch. Also present for this period is the floating Melita bridge. 

Cosmetic condition overall is excellent for an instrument this old. Minor scuffing, dings, and dents can be found throughout, but don't detract in any major way from the presentation. This example has had a modern Bigsby retrofitted at some point, but includes the original tailpiece. Hardware is fully functional, and plays well with a low-medium action. 

Includes the original hardshell case, which like this instrument, is in great condition for its age. 

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