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1959 Gibson Melody Maker 3/4 Sunburst

1959 Gibson Melody Maker 3/4 Sunburst

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Looking to extend the 'student' range of their lineup, Gibson released the Melody Maker 3/4 in 1959. 

Manufactured in Kalamazoo, MI, and featuring a slab mahogany body, the Melody Maker 3/4 features a lone single-coil pickup in the bridge and a wraparound tailpiece. Open gear Kluson tuners adorn the headstock, all coming together in a beautifully period-correct sunburst finish. 

Interestingly, this instrument possess' a 1959 Gibson serial, but has features associated with a 1960 model. Notably, the width of the single-coil pickup was reduced from 7/8" to 5/8" in 1960. 1959 examples also didn't feature reflector knobs either! 

Sounds great plugged in, with the bridge pickup possessing great versatility when utilising the tone control. Nice and honky when wide open, but rolling down the tone really brings out some warmth and subtlety. Super fun to play, being so compact and small. 

Hardware is fully functional albeit some minor crackling on the tone pot. Plays well with a low action, and includes an after-market hard case.  

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