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1963 Gibson ES-330 Bigsby Cherry Red

1963 Gibson ES-330 Bigsby Cherry Red

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Here we have a beautiful Gibson ES-330 from 1963 in its original cherry red finish. 

First introduced in 1959 by Gibson as a fully hollow companion to the ES-335 released a year earlier in 1958.

The 330 features two P90 pickups, and a trapeze tailpiece as standard.

As for condition and originality, the finish, pickups and electronics are original. This particular example has had a Bigsby installed during the course of its life, more than likely in the 1970s, and is currently features a TonePros tune-o-matic with nylon saddles, there is also what looks like a 1970s ABR-1 included in the sale. The original Kluson tuning machines had been removed and replaced with more modern examples at some point, however since, post-1964 replacements have been installed. 

Overall a wonderfully resonant, light and fantastic sounding example of an early 1960s Gibson ES-330. 

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