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1963 Vox Super Ace White

1963 Vox Super Ace White

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Super interesting piece from Vox! Designed as an affordable Strat-style copy, the Vox Super Ace featured a lot of the same hallmarks present on the original design, albeit at a more consumer friendly cost.

These instruments were notably made from Agba (Nigerian Cedar), with the neck construction featuring a single piece of sycamore with a rosewood fretboard. The proprietary tremolo system used on these models is surprisingly functional, and great for light usage. The control set up is super unique as well, employing two tones and a master volume, with the tone controls appearing to function in reverse! Wild.

Cosmetically there is notable checking present throughout on the body, otherwise has aged quite well. Hardware is fully functional, however there is a bow to the neck which would take extra work to correct due to there not being a trussrod.

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