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1965 Fender Jaguar Candy Apple Red

1965 Fender Jaguar Candy Apple Red

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Here we have an excellent example of a killer mid-60s' Jaguar! This particular instrument left the factory in late-1965 finished in candy apple red, with matching headstock. At some point in its life, it had been refinished in black, but has since been stripped back to its original finish. In various wear areas of the body you can see the white primer coat poking out, alongside what appears to be aztec gold!

Neck dates to 1st of October 1965, with the tone control pot dating to the 45th week of 1965. Common with these well-loved vintage Jaguars, the original bridge has been replaced with a Mustang bridge. At some point the pot volume pot has been replaced. Pickups appear all original, although have been retrofitted with replacement covers (originals included). Besides those factors, this example is also missing its original mute.

Electronics are fully functional, and the factory original pickups sound excellent, reflecting exactly what you would expect from a great Jaguar. Incredible clarity at just the right output, the original pickups feel equally at home through a clean and loud Fender combo, or ran through an unholy amount of fuzz. The vibrato arm is set up just right, and works beautifully. This example is a joy to play, and is a sight to behold visually!

Cosmetically, this example oozes character, and puts many custom shop relic jobs to shame. Noticeable wear is present throughout the front and back of the guitar, as well as the headstock which showcase some notable checking.

Hardware is functional, minus some minor crackle from the output jack. Plays excellently with a low action.
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