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1966 Gibson EB-2 Sunburst

1966 Gibson EB-2 Sunburst

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Originally designed by Gibson as the bass counterpart to the 335, the EB-2 is a super cool 30.5" scale length bass featuring a killer Sidewinder humbucking pickup in the neck, and the infamous 'Baritone' switch.

This particular example dates to 1966, and appears to have had a fairly comprehensive refin done at some point, in addition to a reversed lefty conversion. It appears to also be missing the original pickguard, as well as the string mute for the bridge. Super diverse in its tonal range, utilising the Baritone switch you can easily swing between sub-heavy Dub influenced tones, all the way to a mid-60s nasal British-invasion style.

Hardware is functional, and plays well with a low-medium action.

Includes hardcase.

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