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1967 Gibson ES-330TDC

1967 Gibson ES-330TDC

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An absolutely killer Gibson ES-330 from 1967!

Introduced around the same time as the iconic ES-335, the ES-330 retained the same body shape but instead featured a fully hollow construction and P90 pickups, close in concept to the ES-225 that predated it. This particular example is from 1967, right at the end as the long neck versions were being introduced leading into 1968. Super light and incredibly resonant with a pronounced low end, this example sounds mind bogglingly good! Both of the original P90s are articulate, with quite a surprising amount of output. As standard for Gibsons of this time period, the 1 9/16" nut width is present. Neck profile is close to a shallow D. ES-330s have been experiencing some newfound interest within the vintage market over the last few years, and this particular instrument highlights perfectly what makes these instruments so special!

Hardware is fully functional, with the only replacement parts being a set of Schaller tuners. Plays beautifully with a low-medium action. Includes the original case. 

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