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1968 VOX Apollo V622 Sunburst

1968 VOX Apollo V622 Sunburst

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Did someone say in-built fuzz?

Manufactured in the EKO factory in Recanati, Italy, the VOX Apollo is a fully hollow single cutaway electric with built in fuzz! Very specifically, a BC108 fuzz which absolutely rips and can be powered with a 9-volt battery which has easy access at the rear of the guitar! There is also featured a treble and bass booster switch (which creates a great 'strangled' tone), as well as a tuner which emits a drone which unfortunately is not currently functioning. 

Neck pickup sounds amazing when plugged in, with a surprising amount of output and incredible tone. The fuzz rips, and can be combined with the treble and bass booster switch for a variety of funky late '60s tones. 

Besides the e tuner switch, hardware is fully functional and plays well with a low action. Includes the original hard case. 


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