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1974 Gibson SG Standard Walnut DiMarzio Super Distortions

1974 Gibson SG Standard Walnut DiMarzio Super Distortions

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From 1974, the year that brought you the resignation of President Richard Nixon and Rumble in the Jungle, the clash between Muhammad Ali and George Forman (pre-grill fame)... it also brings you the next best thing... 

An absolute rock dawg of a Gibson SG!

We would be lying if we didn't admit this walnut monster is one of the coolest SG's we have ever come across. 

Featuring all the cool appointments mandatory on a '70s Gibson, including a harmonica bridge, non existent fingerboard binding, neck volute, and a paddle sized headstock you could dig your own in-ground pool with. Completing its destiny as a SG to "rock for all time" on, is two high-output DiMarzio Super Distortion humbucking pickups, and a coil tap switch that turns the bridge pickup into a single coil for those times you just need a little more bite!

Despite the volute on the back of the neck, the headstock has seen a break which appears to have been repaired well (and someone learned a hard lesson in what happens when you drop a Gibson...). There is also some fracturing around the heel, but it is also repaired and solid. 

Overall a mind bendingly cool rock n' roll machine ready for a forever home.

Warm up your riffs and press the buy button, now!

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