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1977 Greco SA-900 Sunburst

1977 Greco SA-900 Sunburst

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Law-suit era 335 clone!

Around the mid-70s, Greco (along with other Japanese manufacturers) stepped up their recreations of Fender and Gibson models with a higher level of build quality, and greater attention to the specs of the models they were based off. 

The SA-900 was released as part of Greco's 'Project' series, which appeared to include a variety of higher end models. Selling at the price of 90,000 yen, the SA-900 was a good step above the model below, the SA-700. Appears to be spec'd off a dot neck, ES-335, the SA-900 features a gorgeous antique sunburst finish. This example has also received some choice modifications, specifically chosen to be more 'vintage' correct. These include a great sounding set of Brierley PAF-style pickups, Grover tuners, Callaham bridge and tailpiece, a full re-wire with upgraded caps, and a fret job!

Sounds and plays incredible when plugged in, you can really see how these guitars made Gibson nervous. Plenty of warmth and mojo in spades. Cosmetic condition is reasonable, with some notable dings on the lower bout as well as checking and cracking on the binding. 

Hardware is fully functional, and plays well with a low-medium action. Includes a non-original Gator hardshell case. 

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