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1984 Squier JV CST-30 Stratocaster Made in Japan Black

1984 Squier JV CST-30 Stratocaster Made in Japan Black

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Highly desirable, early production Squire JV Japan-made Stratocaster. Manufactured at the legendary FujiGen Gakki plant, these early '80s Squires represent the first time Fender brought manufacturing to Japan, resulting in high quality and sought-after guitars both within the Japanese and international market.

This guitar includes upgraded Lance Amplification pickups, hand-made right here in Melbourne, and they sound fantastic! The original saddles have also been replaced with vintage style bent steel saddles, but the originals are in the case. 

We believe this particular example to either be a CST-30 or 45 model, but due to a pickup replacement we're unable to determine the exact model. Modelled after the contemporary US made Stratocasters of the time, the Squire JV CST Stratocasters featured a 70's style headstock with the bullet truss rod adjustment. This particular example is complimented by matching pick guard and plastics.

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