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1994 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R6 Gold Top P90

1994 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R6 Gold Top P90

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A great mid-90s example from the Gibson Custom Shop! This particular example dates to 1994, and is specifically the 55th model of its production run. With specs from the 1956 iteration of the Les Paul, this instrument features a beautiful sounding set of P90 pickups, alongside a period-correct gold finish, and specifically for this year a Tune-O-Matic bridge and stop bar tail piece. This specification brings with it greater control over intonation, as well as height adjustment which was a step up compared to the previous models of the time.

In keeping with tradition, an authentically baseball bat-like neck is present, super rounded and extremely comfortable in hand. Coming in at a very respectful 4.2kg (approx 9.3lbs), this example is well balanced and beautifully resonant.

Plugged in, this R6 has mojo in spades! The pair of P90s balance well against each other, with a clear and warm tone that is equally at home clean, or with a bit of drive.

Cosmetically, this instrument throughout has the typical dings and scratches you would expect from an instrument of this age. Of note there is a gouge on the top, located between the neck pickup volume and tone. Located on the back of the headstock on each side, there appears to be some sort of lacquer damage from a hanging guitar stand, however nothing that compromises the structural integrity of the instrument.

Hardware is fully functional, and plays well with a medium-low action and 12-56 gauge strings. Included is the original brown Rolex hard case.

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