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1998 Epiphone ’58 Flying V Korina

1998 Epiphone ’58 Flying V Korina

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Originally released by Gibson in 1958 as a bold and futuristic take on electric guitar design, the Flying V alongside its counterpart, the Explorer sold poorly initially but in later years experienced a renaissance of interest.

This particular example dates to 1998, and was released by Epiphone as an affordable and authentic recreation of the ’58 Gibson original. Manufactured in Korea, these replicas of the ’58 Korina Flying V are highly desired and for good reason. Featuring a solid body, Korina construction alongside a rosewood fretboard, the ’58 Korina Flying V also features a very authentic feeling neck profile. Sitting somewhere between a girthier C and D profile, this example feels awesome in hand.

Sounds expectedly huge, and assertive with plenty of mid range bite and balanced low end. A real joy for both Albert King and Brent Hinds fans!

This particular example has a replaced trussrod cover, non-original knobs and a replaced set of tuners. Cosmetic condition is reasonable with some present dings and scratches found throughout the body.

Hardware is fully functional, and plays well with a low action. Comes with gig bag.

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