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2011 Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Black

2011 Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Black

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The Classic Player series from Fender took established, classic designs and hot-rodded each model with a variety of modern, player-friendly specs whilst retaining that 'classic' vibe. 

This Classic Player Jazzmaster from 2011 is an awesome example, and showcases exactly why these models were so popular. For the Jazzmasters in this range, they featured an adjustomatic bridge, hotter pickups, and a very comfortable 9.5" fingerboard radius. Beyond that, all the standard features are present such as an alder body construction, rosewood fretboard, and the infamous rhythm/lead circuit. 

Has plenty of chime and character that you would come to expect from a Jazzmaster, but with a little added oomph, courtesy of the hotter pickups. 

Hardware is fully functional, and plays well with a low-medium action. Missing tremolo arm. 

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