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2013 Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster MIM Black

2013 Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster MIM Black

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One of Fender's best takes on the classic Jazzmaster model!

These Classic Player Jazzmasters embody all the traditional Jazzmaster stylings with a few modern tweaks to the original design that make the instrument a lot more playable and versatile. 

Two major adjustments include a Tune O Matic bridge, which is a lot more solid than the normal Jazzmaster bridge that is prone to rattle and instability, as well as a re-design that positions the tremolo closer to the bridge which improves the break angle against the bridge (providing more down force) once again improving stability and transfer of vibration into the body of the instrument. 

A rock-solid Jazzmaster!

This particular instrument features a rosewood fingerboard (unfortunately not seen on most new models anymore), Kluson machine heads, alder body, maple neck and two Jazzmaster single coil pickups. 

Also included is a generic hard case, and of course as usual the instrument has been serviced here in our workshop prior to sale. 

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