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2015 Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus Honeyburst

2015 Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus Honeyburst

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Escaping the controversy of the 2015 G-Force tuners, this Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus is an exceptional example of a budget Gibson with a not-so budget sound!

Coming from the Studio line, this example eschews the conventional binding for a simpler look with both the body and neck lacking the binding found on higher end models. Featuring a AA maple top which highlights the incredibly honeyburst finish, this example not only looks incredible but sounds excellent. 

Boasting a great sounding set of 490R/498T humbuckers, this instrument comes alive with an assertive and present tone, with bite for days. The original coil-switching has been replaced with higher quality CTS pots and Orange Drop capacitors, making this a fully equipped and great sounding instrument. 

Cosmetic condition is good, with some noticeable wear present on the back and bottom, as well as on the second fret. Hardware is fully functional, and plays excellently with a low action. Includes gig bag. 

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