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2015 Ibanez RGIX27FESM 7-String Foggy Stained Black

2015 Ibanez RGIX27FESM 7-String Foggy Stained Black

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The perfect guitar for when 6 just ain't enough!

Released as part of the Iron Label line from Ibanez, the RGIX27FESM features a spalted maple top on top of a basswood body, nitro-wizard 7 maple and bubinga neck with an ebony fretboard, and most importantly 7 strings! Classic RG body shape, and the spalted maple top on this one looks particularly excellent! 

This example has had the bridge replaced with a similar model but in black and with replaced saddles, and the bridge pickup has also been upgraded to an EMG 81. Locking tuners were also installed at one time, but are currently in the case and can be re-installed! Cosmetic condition is good throughout, with some scuffing found predominantly on the back of the body. Plays beautifully with a nice low action, and sounds expectantly huge. Great riff stick for the seasoned Djent-er. 

Includes hardshell case. 

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