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2017 JHS VCR Volume, Chorus & Reverb Pedal

2017 JHS VCR Volume, Chorus & Reverb Pedal

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The JHS VCR (aka the 1980s in a box). Features a combination of ’80s-inspired volume boost, chorus and reverb effects, with toggle-switches to take each one in and out of the circuit. Originally built as a signature pedal for a musician R**n A***s, who shall not be named anymore and thus why it has now been rebranded by JHS to "The Space Commander", and Josh Scott even offered to repaint your pedal in the Space Commander livery to make it less offensive if you send it to them! Personally I'd just change the R to a B (easily done) and then it'll say Bryan Adams, and who doesn't love the banger 'Summer of 69'?!

Will it be a piece of history as its original version? Probably not. Regardless, it's a great pedal and sounds really good!

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