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2019 Fender Roadworn Mike Dirnt Precision Bass

2019 Fender Roadworn Mike Dirnt Precision Bass

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Reflecting the straight-ahead, no-nonsense sensibilities of Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt, the Fender Roadworn Mike Dirnt Precision bass reflects all the necessary features needed for a bass catered towards the punk-rocker. Sporting an incredibly authentic looking roadworn finish, courtesy of the high standard of craftsmanship currently coming from Fender's Mexican production facility, this signature model Precision also features many of the design concepts reflective of the Precision basses manufactured by Fender in the early 1950's. The addition of a forearm contour and Fender high mass bridge compliments the vintage-inspired design to ensure a high level of playability suited to the modern musician.

Overall the bass is in amazing condition and is currently playing with a low action.

Included is a hard-case with certificate of authenticity.
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