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Bondi Effects

Bondi Effects Sick As Overdrive MK2 (Second-Hand)

Bondi Effects Sick As Overdrive MK2 (Second-Hand)

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Quickly becoming an Australian modern classic, The Bondi Effect Sick As Overdrive MK2 brings you a new take on the transparent overdrive concept. We are not going to say the "K" word too much here, but it sure as hell does sound like that old overpriced "Horsey" pedal, but with the flexibility of an added bass control knob as well as a high and low gain setting switch. A really natural and versatile overdrive. 

These pedals are currently hard to get new and are becoming very desirable on the second-hand market. It's always great to see an Australian brand doing so well, so stop saving up for a darn K**n and get one of these while you can!

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