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1977 Fernandes Burny Olds Sunburst

1977 Fernandes Burny Olds Sunburst

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Killer lawsuit-era Fernades Burny Olds Strat copy. These were early attempts to replicate pre-CBS Fenders at a time when the quality of Fender was in a steep-decline post CBS acquisition. This particular example has accrued a level of subtle wear that can't be so easily replicated with modern examples. Neck profile is in-line with a soft-V shape, similar to what would be found on an original mid-late '50s example, upon which it's based. Original pickups, with upgraded electronics including the addition of a 5-way selector switch. We believe the nut is non-original, as well as string trees and vibrato bar.

Currently plays with a comfortable medium/low action.

A fantastic way to get into a great feeling vintage Strat for very little financial outlay!

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