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1981 G&L F-100 Series II Natural

1981 G&L F-100 Series II Natural

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We are excited to offer for sale a G&L F-100 Series II (F100-II) from 1981. 

G&L was formed in 1979 by Leo Fender and George Fullerton, and after Music Man, it was the third guitar company established by Leo. The F-100 alongside the L-1000 bass were the first two instruments produced and offered for sale by the new company. Leo Fender continued his tradition of innovation with G&L producing some truly exciting and interesting instruments during this time until his death in 1991. This early F-100 is no exception!

This particular F-100 has a body stamp dating to Jan 28 1981, neck stamp of Jan 18 1981, two pots dating 1980, and a third dating to 1979, which likely sees the instrument having left the factory in early 1981. 

In regards to condition and originality, the pickup selector toggle switch has been replaced at some time with a smaller toggle with a red tip, we believe the other two switches are original however, and there is two small holes drilled into the body above the bridge pickup (perhaps an addition of a MIDI pickup?) and one small hole of the same size down at the bottom of the body near the bottom of the control plate. Overall there is clear wear over the body, with the most noticeable location on the front of the guitar, between the pickups above the control plate where the finish is worn through to wood. 

Overall the guitar plays well and sounds as it should!

Included in the sale is a generic gig-bag. 

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