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c1985 Fender Japan '62 Telecaster TL62B-70 Black

c1985 Fender Japan '62 Telecaster TL62B-70 Black

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An awesome representation of the high level craftsmanship from Fender Japan during the '80s! This particular example is a '62 reissue Custom Telecaster, complete with double binding and period-correct headstock logo. This instrument fits within the A-serial range, which dates it right in that 1985-86 pocket.

Appears all original, with some minor cosmetic wear representative of an instrument this age. There appears to me some minor lacquer separation found on the bass side of the headstock, and the bass side of the neck around the 15th fret.  

In hand, this example is nicely balanced without being too light or too heavy. Plugged in, it springs to life with plenty of classic Tele bite. Nice and honky in the bridge position, and beautifully glassy in neck position. A real joy to play!

Hardware is functional, and plays well with a low action. Includes a Fender hardshell case.


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