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Electro Harmonix

1994 Electro Harmonix 'Tall Font' Green Russian Big Muff

1994 Electro Harmonix 'Tall Font' Green Russian Big Muff

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Easily one of the most iconic pedals of all time... the Electro Harmonix / Sovtek Green Russian Big Muff!

This particular example is the 'tall font' version, the first of the Green Russian Big Muffs that was released in 1994 and features an identical circuit to the previous 'Civil War' version.

This pedal has clearly been loved and played for most of its life, and features a couple of battle scars, but luckily enough it is built like an absolute tank and could quite likely survive another 150 years and a possible nuclear war. 

Unfortunately one of the knobs is missing and has been replaced, the battery door is also missing (very common occurrence on these), alongside the original rubber feet. 

However, I would trade all that in to have the super cool original wooden box, which this pedal has!

A true piece of history, and sounds unbelievably good too!

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