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1960s Silvertone 1446 Black

1960s Silvertone 1446 Black

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Affectionally dubbed the ‘Chris Isaak model' due to its long standing association with the famous singer-songwriter, the 1446 is a thin line hollow body originally released in the '60s with more upmarket specs compared to what Silvertone was typically offering at the time.

This particular example has a select few mods which makes it a more affordable, players grade instrument. In this instance the original pickups have been replaced with what appear to be late ‘60s gold foil pickups (which sound excellent by the way). The bridge has also been replaced, as have the tuners and pickguard. Plugged in this instrument is suitably funky and mellow, bright and honky, and feels awesome in hand as well!

Cosmetically there are scratches, dings, and checking throughout. Nothing that appears to be structural or compromise the integrity of the instrument.

Hardware is functional, and plays well with a low-medium action. Includes non-original hardcase.

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