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Tonerider AC2 Humbucker Set

Tonerider AC2 Humbucker Set

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A superb guitar pickup for guitars that need more warmth and more sustain. The earliest Gibson Patent-Applied-For (or PAF) humbucker pickups used a range of magnets, but PAF guitar humbuckers made with Alnico II have always held a special place in many a guitarist's heart. If you have ever heard someone describe a PAF pickup as 'flute-like' or more like a single coil than a guitar humbucker pickup - then that's the Alnico II working its magic.

AC2 Specs:

Position: Bridge and Neck
Resistance: 8.3k (bridge) and 7.6k (neck)
Magnets: Aged Alnico II
Winding: Scatter Wound
Potted: Yes
Hook-Up Wire: Four-conductor wiring is standard on all models
Screws/Springs included: Yes

  • Calibrated winding for even volume balance across all five standard positions.
  • All coils scatterwound on our 999-step CNC winding machines.
  • All coils wax-potted to avoid feedback at high-gain settings.
  • All parts are custom-made for the best tone possible - no standard parts are being used
Tonerider Pickups have one aim: to make the worlds finest sounding pickups, priced for the working musician. You get just the classic sound you require from a guitar pickup, without paying through the nose, teeth and eyes for it!
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