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Dazatronyx Germanium Amplifier V2

Dazatronyx Germanium Amplifier V2

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An awesome rendition of the famous Germanium boost effect!

Dazatronyx pedals are all hand-built by Darron Thornbury right here in Melbourne, Australia. 

Voicing switch:

  • Mid - Effective at boosting for more drive, without the bottom end getting too flabby.
  • Bright - Slightly fuller than a classic treble booster.
  • Full Cream - Extra body, and fat tone.

GE / SI:
A switch between germanium and silicon transistors. Silicon mode can be used as a backup in extreme temperatures, or for some harder clipping texture. This switch mechanically 'hot swaps' the transistor. Expect a small pop noise.

For purity of design, this pedal uses a positively grounded case. As such, it needs to be run from an isolated power supply, or battery. IE this pedal may not be suitable for a daisy-chain power supply. Battery use is not necessarily preferred.


Replay Guitars is a proud Dazatronyx retailer - all their pedals come with a 10 year warranty.  

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