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Dunlop FFM2 Germanium Fuzz Face Mini (Second-Hand)

Dunlop FFM2 Germanium Fuzz Face Mini (Second-Hand)

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Aww... look how little it is!

Now you can finally have a fuzz face, that looks like a fuzz face and it fit comfortably on your pedal board! 

It also includes an LED so you know when it's on, an AC power jack and a convenient battery door. As with the original models, the Fuzz Face Minis feature true bypass switching.

The FFM2 Germanium Fuzz Face Distortion Mini is based on '66-'68 era pre-silicon Fuzz Faces famous for it's fat and warm tones thanks to a little unstable and slightly mismatched germanium transistors. 

This example comes with the original box. 

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