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Dwarfcraft Devices

Dwarfcraft Devices HAX Ring Modulator (Second-Hand)

Dwarfcraft Devices HAX Ring Modulator (Second-Hand)

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Take your sound to another planet thanks to the weird and wonderful world of the Dwarfcraft Devices! This HAX Ring Modulator is second-hand but still purr-fectly crafted by hand, it'll take your whatever audio you put in it (guitar, bass, keys, anything!) and make it truly weird and wonderful. Add a touch of sonic chaos to your tracks with this crazy noise generator and its sprinkles of sonic glee. Take that, normality!

If that wasn't clear enough, this is Dwarfcraft's own words about the pedal: "Hax is like a ring modulator, I guess. It creates a wave a predetermined musical distance from your input signal. Oh, but that wasn’t nasty enough, so I added a power starve knob, so it’ll glitch out like a maniac and get kind of fuzzy and generally disagreeable."

You got that, right...?

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