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Earthquaker Devices

Earthquaker Devices Afterneath Enhanced Otherworldly Reverberator V3 (Second-Hand)

Earthquaker Devices Afterneath Enhanced Otherworldly Reverberator V3 (Second-Hand)

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Based out of Akron, Ohio, Earthquaker Devices manufacture some of the coolest and most unique pedal designs on the market. Pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration, EQD offer a range of effects catered to even the most bold of sonic architects!

The Afterneath Enhanced Otherworldly Reverberator V3, although quite a mouthful to say out loud, is a reverb pedal with a variety of modes and functions that give it it's own unique character. To quote EQD, 'the Afterneath sounds a lot like it looks – a wizard bursting forth from ethereal cave and ready for the ambient battle'. Capable of octave-laden, particle-infused reverb tones, and even more straight forward conventional reverb tones. 

Features controls for length, diffuse, dampen, reflect, drag, and overall mix. There is also a mode selection dial which controls the way the drag control reacts. Allows for settings that can take you from conventional, to harmonised octaves on your reverb trail. We think that's cool!

Does not have the original box, and has velcro already attached!

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