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Eastwood "Sharkbite" Fyrbyrd

Eastwood "Sharkbite" Fyrbyrd

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Inspired by the iconic Maton-built "Fyrbyrd" of the 1960s, Eastwood has authentically replicated both the contours and unique pickup configuration that made the original Fyrbyrd a truly unique instrument! 

Based around a chambered mahogany construction for the body, the Fyrbyrd also employs a bound maple set neck, with a rosewood fretboard. Three vibey sounding P90 pickups alongside three individual selector switches for maximum tonal flexibility. Nice and light to boot!

Sounds truly monstrous plugged in! Plenty of bark and punch, and can even mellow out nicely with just the neck pickup engaged. 

Just as Australian as footy and a meat pie, can't go wrong!

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