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Gotoh SG381 MGT 3-a-Side Locking Tuning Machines

Gotoh SG381 MGT 3-a-Side Locking Tuning Machines

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A set of 6 Gotoh SG381 3-a-Side MGT Magnum Lock traditional tuning machine heads.

Featuring smaller Gotoh 07 sized tuner buttons, for 3-a-Side headstocks where larger tuner buttons are not required.


  • Non-staggered height posts. All tuner posts are 20mm height from base to centre of the string hole through the post.
  • 3 a Side (3L,3R)
  • Traditional Thumbwheel Style Magnum Lock Mechanism.
  • 16:1 Ratio.
  • Gotoh '07' Style Button.
  • Includes screw-in bushings, washers and fixing screws.
  • Requires 10mm (13/32") diameter hole.
  • Fits up to 15.5mm thick headstocks.
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