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Hagstrom Super Swede P90 White Gloss (Second-Hand)

Hagstrom Super Swede P90 White Gloss (Second-Hand)

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Taking inspiration from the Les Paul, the Hagstrom Super Suede takes some of the same design cues yet presents as an identifiably unique instrument. 

Boasting three P90 pickups specially designed to provide a hybrid single-coil/humbucking sound-palette, in tandem with a 6-way rotary switch, provides a wide gamut of possible tones whilst simultaneously capturing that raw, P90 magic. The Tremar vibrato system on these models is super smooth and fun to use, allowing for beautifully subtle pitch variations. 

A mahogany body and neck with a carved maple top provides the standard LP recipe for sustain and harmonic presence. Plugged in this instrument has a strikingly diverse tonal palette, capturing everything from chimey cleans to mid-focused overdriven bite with complete nuance and refinement across the board. 

Hardware is fully functional, and plays well with a low action. Includes hard case. 

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