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Jet JT-350 Blackguard Butterscotch

Jet JT-350 Blackguard Butterscotch

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Jet guitars are without a doubt the BEST electric guitar in their price-point!

The JT-350 is their take on the classic and timeless T style guitar with two single coil alnico pickups. 

The guitar boasts features never, ever seen in a guitar at the price, such as a bone nut, roasted Canadian maple neck with a smooth satin finish, contoured neck heel, a 9.5" radius fingerboard, high quality chrome plated hardware and locking tuners! 

Also, they absolutely nail the vintage colours and vibe of the 1950s and 1960s. This particular guitar is in the iconic Butterscotch finish with a black one-ply pickguard, just like a 1950s Blackguard Telecaster! 

The tone and playability is outstanding and a perfect guitar for beginners, as well as intermediate or professional players seeking a new sound. 

There's room for a Jet in everyone's collection!


Replay Guitars is a proud authorised dealer of Jet Guitars and all Jet instruments come with a 1 Year Warranty.  

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