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Larrivée Baker-T Classic Midnight Blue Metallic

Larrivée Baker-T Classic Midnight Blue Metallic

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Larrivée have been hand-making high-end instruments for over 50 years, and their Baker-T Classic fully embodies the brands ethos of making high quality instruments, with only the highest quality components and techniques.

The Baker-T Classic features a single piece, lightweight Swamp Ash body, rock maple neck, Indian rosewood neck, and Larrivée custom voiced pickups. Each key component comes together harmoniously, resulting in an incredibly responsive and dynamic instrument.

Hardware is made of stainless steel for maximum durability, and the slim-C shape neck features a hand-rubbed satin finish for maximum comfort and playability.

Unplugged, the Baker-T Classic is loud and present, in stark contrast to its solid-body construction. Once plugged in, the Baker-T Classic comes alive with a piano-like clarity, whilst still retaining the tonal hallmarks of a T-style guitar. Effectively merging an old-school design with modern hardware and design concepts, the Baker-T Classic is exceptionally crafted with an emphasis on reliability and tone.

Features and Specs:

- Single-piece ultra-light Swamp Ash body

- Single piece Rock Maple neck

- Fast Playing “Slim-C” Neck

- 25.5" Scale Length

- First Fret 0.825” - 12th Fret 0.875”

- 1 & 11/16 Nut Width

- CNC Machined Compound Radius. 9.5” Radius at the nut, 14” Radius at the 20th Fret

- Dual Action Truss Rod w/ Spoke Nut Adjustment at Body

- Indian Rosewood Fretboard w/MOP Dots

- High-Density Bone Nut

- Traditional 1950s Deep Pocket Bolt-On.

- Stainless Steel Threaded Neck Inserts / Stainless Steel Neck Screws

- Neck Angle Machined into Neck Pocket/Heel for Perfect Saddle Height

- Hand-sprayed ultra-high sheen gloss pure acrylic body

- “Super-Satin” hand rubbed satin finish neck

- Gotoh SDS 510 Nickel Tuners w/ CARD system

- Polished Stainless steel Larrivée bridge plate

- Stainless Steel String Ferrules

- Stainless steel "extra thick" neck plate

- Custom stainless steel polished control plate. Volume knob further from switch.

- Compensated large barrel brass Larrivée saddle

- Stainless steel threaded neck inserts & neck screws

- Compensated large barrel brass Larrivée saddle

- Stainless steel threaded neck inserts & neck screws

- Dual-action truss rod w/ easy access spoke wheel adjustment

- Nickel-silver medium fret wire

- Yarn-wrapped AlNiCo 5 large pole bridge - Potted to prevent feedback

- Custom Alnico 6 neck pickup potted w. nickel silver cover

- Pickups connected RWRP for humbucking when played in center switch position

- Pickups wound with vintage 43 gauge plain enamel

- Traditional CRL 3-way switch

- Custom Bourns "low-drag" 250 audio taper pot

- Custom Bourns "low-drag" 300k linear taper pot

- Vintage paper-in-coil capacitor (0.047uf)

- Puretone jack w/ 4 contact points mounted in Electrosocket jack mount

- 50s style wiring

Includes hard case. 

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