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Madlove Deluxe

Madlove Deluxe

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Known locally for the exceptional pickups they manufacture, Madlove have put together this incredible build, utilising only the finest hardware and components. 

Based around a Baguely Guitars 25.5" aluminium neck, and a Tasmanian Blackwood Telecaster Deluxe body, the Madlove Deluxe takes the classic Telecaster Deluxe design, and puts a unique twist on it. Schaller locking tuners are also featured alongside a Descendant Blue Collar bridge.

The Madlove Deluxe is also fitted out with a custom set of Travis Bean-style A5 wide-range humbuckers, which have excellent clarity and girth. The pickups sound super punchy, with a wide variety of tones on tap. 

Includes a hardcase as well!

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