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Markbass CMB 121 Black Line 150w Bass Combo

Markbass CMB 121 Black Line 150w Bass Combo

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Mark Bass are one of the pre-eminent manufacturers of bass-related equipment, and their newest addition to their combo lineup, the CMB, is no exception.

The CMB 121 is a 1x12” 150w combo, featuring a 4-band EQ with two independent mid controls, a scooped switch, and a boost switch. Scooped lets you get those classic Marcus Miller type slap tones, whilst the boost adds a level of saturation and grit to your signal.

This combo also rounds out a great value package with the inclusion of a headphone out and auxiliary in. Distinguishing its self from its younger brother in the range, the CMB 121 also employs a balanced XLR out alongside a send and return. This additional level of functionally and increased wattage makes the CMB 121 a more capable amp for gigging.

All of this, and in a compact combo under 20kg. Great sound, at an even greater value.

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