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Moog DFAM Drummer From Another Mother Analogue Percussion Synthesizer

Moog DFAM Drummer From Another Mother Analogue Percussion Synthesizer

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Rhythmic Creation Without Rules

Utilising a unique, hands-on approach to rhythmic generation, DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) offers up a semi-modular platform for complete sonic experimentation, irrespective of previous synthesizer knowledge. 

Employing an easy-to-use analog sequencer, DFAM features a white noise generator alongside two wide-range analog oscillators, allowing for a wide range of rhythmically focused textures and sounds, spanning the breadth of bass, bells, and deep rhythmic pulsations. A classic Moog ladder filter is present with two selectable modes. Low pass and High pass modes allow for an accentuation and refinement to each sound generated. 

Designed to behave and respond to the individual user, DFAM is an endlessly dynamic and organic rhythm generating experience, and when used with its 24-point modular patchbay, provides exciting and experimental sonic possibilities. 


- Semi-Modular: No patching required. Anyone can create unique and impactful analog rhythms

- 100% Analog: Unbridled sonic flexibility for a lifetime of percussive inspiration

- 2 Oscillators: Ultra-wide range sound generation - craft everything from subtly pulsing cadences to clangorous cacophony and floor-splitting bass

- Selectable Analog Filters: Dynamically sculpt your sound with a Low Pass or High Pass Ladder filter

- 3 Envelopes: Interact dynamically with velocity to impart “human” variation to your sound

- 8-Step Analog Sequencer with Velocity: Vibrantly continuous control over each note

- 24 Patch Points: Explore modular patching or connect to a Mother-32 to create a 3-oscillator leviathan

- Link Multiple Units: Rack up multiple DFAM and Mother-32 units for evocative analog compositions

- External Audio Input: Process other sounds through DFAM’s analog circuitry Eurorack Compatible: Easily remove DFAM from its case and mount it into a Eurorack system. (Requires a 10 to 16 PIN Eurorack cable)

- Filter: 20Hz-20KHz Switchable Low Pass / High Pass 4-Pole Transistor Ladder Filter

- Envelopes: VCO EG w/ Voltage Controlled Decay and Bipolar Amount Control, VCF EG w/ Voltage Controlled Decay and Bipolar Amount Control, VCA EG w/ Voltage Controlled Decay and Selectable Fast/Slow Attack Time

- Patchbay: 24x 3.5mm Jacks

- Audio Output: ¼” TS Line / ¼” TRS Headphones (Shared Output Jack)

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