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Moog Theremini Theremin

Moog Theremini Theremin

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Guaranteed musical success regardless of age or physical ability

Reimagining one of the earliest electronic musical instruments, the Moog Theremini takes the sound engine derived from Animoog, and reformats the theremin into a package that is easily accessible to anyone of any age or ability. 

Utilising assistive pitch correction, you can make it as easy to play a correct note, or progressively revert the pitch correction back to being like that of a normal theremin. A built-in tuner provides real time visual representation of pitch. 

32 wavetable based presets are included, alongside a built in speaker, headphone output, and adjustable stereo ping-pong delay. 

Designed to be accessible to everyone, Theremini takes the Moog philosophy of sonic experimentation, and presents and endlessly engaging and enjoyable instrument. 


- Pitch correction w/ selectable scales and root note

- Built in tuner allows you to learn pitch and scales

- 32 Wavetable based presets

- Built in speaker

- Headphone output

- Two 1/4" audio outputs

- Single Pitch CV output w/ selectable range

- User selectable scale and root note (stored per preset)

- User selectable range: highest note and lowest note (stored per preset)

- Adjustable Stereo Ping-Pong Delay

- Removable pitch antenna - built in storage compartment on bottom-side

- Built in 3/8” Mic stand and Camera stand adaptor

- High quality rubberised feet

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