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N.O.S. 'Silver Comet' USSR-Made Paper in Oil Tone Capacitor

N.O.S. 'Silver Comet' USSR-Made Paper in Oil Tone Capacitor

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The 'Silver Comet' is a super duper cool vintage N.O.S. USSR-made tone capacitor!

These are ex-military surplus stock from Ukraine, and were likely originally made in the 1980s. 

They come in two capacitance ratings:

  • .047uf - perfect for your Fender-style guitars and basses and other single-coil instruments. 
  • .022uf - great in Gibsons and other humbucker-loaded instruments.

Not only are the 'Silver Comets' great quality caps built to last even the harshest military applications, but they look great too (even if you're the only one looking...) and have a great backstory!


  • Dimensions: 21mm x 6mm
  • 5% Tolerance
  • Paper in Oil
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