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Roland JC-40 (Second-Hand)

Roland JC-40 (Second-Hand)

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The Roland JC-120 is perhaps one of the most iconic amplifiers ever made, seeing use since its inception from the likes of The Smiths, Metallica, Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit, and so many others it would take a paragraph to name.

In saying this, the JC-40 is the scaled down, yet just as mighty little brother of the JC-120. Originally introduced in 2015, the JC-40 is a stereo 40-watt solid state combo, outfitted with two 10-inch speakers. A mono and stereo input is offered, alongside the incredibly famous, and lush sounding Dimensional Space Chorus effect. There is also built-in vibrato, distortion, and reverb for even more sonic experimenting, alongside a stereo effects loop.

At 40-watts, and a fraction of the size and weight, the JC-40 is an exceptional option for live and studio use, without losing any of the character of the JC-120.

Fully functional and in great cosmetic condition.

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