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Tanglewood Roadster II TWR2 Orchestra

Tanglewood Roadster II TWR2 Orchestra

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The Tanglewood Roadster II series takes inspiration from nature and the raw beauty of classic timber.

Tanglewood are known for pioneering the practice of sustainable forestry in the art of guitar building and for the latest Roadster series they match finely graded Canadian Spruce tops with traditional Indonesian mahogany back and sides to produce tonally rich instruments that sound instantly wonderful tuned up right out of the box.

The guitar's spruce top is finished and sealed in high-grade, low-density satin lacquer that not only helps with acoustic resonance, but also captures the natural essence of the tonewood. 

The TWR2O model features an orchestra body shape, known for its comfortable feel due to its slightly smaller mid-size proportions whilst still maintaining great acoustic resonance and a big and full sound. 


  • Orchestra body shape
  • Spruce top
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Eboncore fingerboard
  • Black Walnut bridge
  • Natural satin finish
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