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TogaMan GuitarViol 10X Xen-x 2023 Guitar Cello (Second-Hand)

TogaMan GuitarViol 10X Xen-x 2023 Guitar Cello (Second-Hand)

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Introducing the TogaMan Acoustic GuitarViol Xen-x 2023 - a masterpiece born from the creative genius of Jonathan Wilson, the visionary behind Togaman, a revered boutique micro-build luthier based in California. Crafted to perfection, this contemporary arpeggione was conceived to deliver the ultimate acoustic sound.

The sleek, curvaceous structure, including the back, sides, neck, and a single-piece carbon fiber construction, offers unparalleled comfort, eliminating the usual neck heel obstacle, thus facilitating swift navigation up to the second octave.
The body of this instrument boasts a bell-like forward projection, enhancing your sonic presence.
The neck's luxurious feel beckons the player to unleash their full potential without reservation, and rest assured, this instrument is built to endure, devoid of fragile French polish. The response is immediate, offering a dynamic range from the gentlest whisper to a full-throated Viola bark.

The Stauffer-style headstock optimises string lengths for impeccable playability, and its aesthetic pays homage to the Austrian luthiers of old. The planetary gear pegs (Wittner German precision pegs) ensure tuning is a joyous experience.
The instrument's top, also known as the soundboard or speaker, is a recent innovation from the past few years, having undergone rigorous testing on wooden models. Leveraging comprehensive knowledge of the mechanics and physics governing violin and cello tops, a cutting-edge vacuum lamination/infusion process was employed. The result is a visually stunning amalgamation of outer veneer, balsa, flax, and carbon fiber, ensuring exceptional sound quality.

The TogaMan GuitarViol is a renowned musical instrument embraced by a stellar roster of top-tier film composers and producers across the globe like Tyler Bates, Loga Ramin Torkian, Kevin Kiner, Ramin Djawadi, Heitor Pereira, Charlie Clouser, Gary Lionelli, Brian Tyler, Jeff Cardoni, Justin Melland, and an array of other remarkable talents.

You can hear the enchanting tones of the GuitarViol in iconic productions like "300," every gripping season of "Game of Thrones," riveting documentaries like "Making a Murderer" on Netflix, the compelling drama series "City on a Hill" on Showtime, chilling true-crime tales like "The Bundy Tapes" on Netflix, and the captivating humor of "The Kaminski Method," also on Netflix, among a host of other illustrious works.
This instrument has even found its way into the hands of acclaimed musicians like Kirk Hammet and Matt Bellamy, expanding its influence beyond the realm of film composition. It's a testament to the GuitarViol's unique ability to inspire and elevate musical creativity across diverse genres and artistic endeavors.

A Sound That Inspires: The LR Baggs Lyric pickup, thoughtfully integrated with an internal bass bar, unlocks a mesmerizing plugged-in/live sound, tailor-made for mesmerizing looping performances and enhancing your studio mix.

Complete Package: This instrument comes fully equipped with a brand new LR Baggs Lyric pickup, and it includes the original carbon fiber Incredibow and rosin. Moreover, you'll find it adorned with its brand new original D'Addario Helicores ($150 cello string set), ready to ignite your musical journey.
Everything You Need: In addition to the GuitarViol itself, you'll receive the Incredibow, and a stand.

* The uni-hull design makes for the most comfortable and durable playing experience.
* The carbon fiber construction makes for durable life in all climates and is low maintenance. The best maintenance is frequent playing.
* The top (soundboard/speaker) is engineered for best strategic use of wood and composites. Sounds as beautiful as it looks.
* The ViolGlide fingerboard provides a smooth zero friction playing surface that also ensures long string life. It’s optimised geometry is unmatched in the world!

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