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VHT D-Fifty 50 Watt Valve Amplifier Head

VHT D-Fifty 50 Watt Valve Amplifier Head

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Based off one of the most expensive and sought after amplifiers beginning with a D and finishing with an E (we'll let you fill in the rest). Hand-wired 50 watt all-valve amplifier, featuring three 12AX7 tubes in the preamp alongside 6L6GC tubes in the power amp, the D-Fifty is a single channel amplifier with a 3-way bright switch, a mid switch boost, and of course the famous 'jazz/rock' voicing switch.

The D-Fifty also includes a two-button footswitch to engage the preamp boost and overdrive functions. Exceedingly touch-sensitive and dynamic, the VHT D-Fifty offers up a wide range of clean and overdriven tones for the discerning tone hound. Pair it with the purpose made D series 2x12 vertical cab for true tonal nirvana!

Replay Guitars is a proud Authorised Dealer of VHT Amplification.

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